Stalagmites and Cake | WEEKEND WIND UP #1

Today is pretty much the second day that is neither cold, nor rainy, cloudy or windy in any form. It’s the second day of summer, so to speak.

Even though this is really nice, it messes a bit with my plans here. Yesterday, I had figured that – according to the bad November-like weather – a “What to do on boring rainy days”-list would have made a nice blogpost. (I sometimes get bored on rainy days and then find myself desperately searching the web for ideas, so I guess it would be a good idea to collect some ideas now, while I’m still motivated and creative, save them for later and share them with you – but then I woke up this morning and the sun was shining.)

So I sacked that plan and figured to present you with a recipe of mine. Sounded good, but turned out to be no option either, because when making the cake this morning, my kitchen almost exploded and I don’t really want to even THINK about baking anymore.

Good things come in triplets, so instead I thought about ways of how to spend the weekend, if it stays sunny and warm like this. That’s the plan of attack, for sure, I thought, but then…

… well, my boss aka my brother (ah, family business, how we love thee) called to ask me to come to work (at a cute little restaurant) earlier tonight. This – and the fact that I had to recover the aforementioned cake from the shady shoals of our oven – put a limit to my time here. The cake was actually the bigger problem, to be honest.

I used to be a good cook and baker, but during my time in New Zealand I must have lost my abilities, because what I produced today is NOT A CAKE. I literally needed to use my knifes, spoons and other kitchen equipment like a chisel and carve the cake out of the tin. On the sides, the dough had dripped down, so that it looked like little stalagmites on the baking sheet below. (So if you need advice on how not to bake, please get in touch!)

Anyway, this cake retrieving mission took me much longer than expected, so I’m a bit in a hurry now to get to work on time, but I still want to hold my promise to give you some tipps on how to spend a sunny weekend.

Here is a little preview of what you can expect to see here tomorrow:

How to spend a sunny weekend…

… alone.

… with your significant other/best friend.

… with others.

Also coming up: The DOs and DON’Ts on a sunny weekend.


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