Summertime ~ Summer wine | WEEKEND WIND UP #1(II)

My TOP FIVE activities to spend a hot summer’s weekend:

1) DRINK ICED COFFEE – I love iced coffee on a hot day.

COLD AS ICE: Iced coffee at my favourite Wellington café.

It cools you down and gives you your daily caffeine kick. A perfect activity to spend the day alone or with friends, at home or out.

At home: Brew some coffee and let it cool down. Put two or three scoops of vanilla-flavoured ice cream in a cup, pour the coffee over the ice cream, put a little bit of cream on top. Serve with straw and spoon and enjoy!

Out: Go to your favourite ice cream parlour or ask your favourite barista – they might do iced coffee at your fav café, too!

2) GO SWIMMING – My favourite summer activity. It cools you down, although you are exercising your muscles. And what is cooler than going to the beach? Alone, with your bestie, your significant other or with a hole bunch of people it’ll be fun. If you go by yourself, take a book, a crossword, your diary, some music. If others join you, take a deck of cards or a board game, a frisbee or a soccer ball.

3) HAVE A BARBIE! – After a good swim, I’m hungry. So I light the fire and have a BBQ. Not so much fun by myself, but there are always people around that are in for some sausages, steaks, grilled feta and my famous greek-style pasta salad (a mix of cooked pasta, courgettes/zucchini tomatoes, olives, onions, herbs and a dressing of lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper).

4) LIE ON A SUN LOUNGER – With my head in the shade, a good book and my iPod, life couldn’t be better. All I need is now to…

5) MAKE A JUG OF ICED TEA – Yum. Black tea (cooled down), sugar, lemon/orange juice, sliced lemons and ice cubes. Nothing better than this.

TEA TIME: Iced tea with lots of lemon is the best cool-down you can get.

JUKEBOX – My summer music:

♬ “Summertime” (Bon Jovi) ♬

♬ “I’m yours” (Jason Mraz) ♬

♬ “Girls in their summer clothes” (Bruce Springsteen) ♬

♬ “Summer of ’69” (Bryan Adams) ♬

♬ “Summer wine” (The Corrs & Bono) ♬

How do you spend summer and what are your favourite summer songs?


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