Stephanie Plum on the run


So what does this sound like?

Exactly: Stephanie Plum crashing one of her cars – once again.

I’m a huge Stephanie Plum-fan and I think crashing her car is the most hilarious of her signature features (besides the cravings for doughnuts and the crazy Grandma). You could say that Stephanie Plum is sort of like my heroine (besides Lorelai Gilmore maybe, who consumes almost as much coffee as I do).

PLUM LOVING: The series on my bookshelf.

I cannot quite remember when I discovered Stephanie Plum – and her creator, Janet Evanovich – but it was around the same time my best friend discovered the two of them and together we’ve been through all the Plum-adventures so far.

The latest book of the series (“Sizzling Sixteen”) was released in Germany yesterday (“Kuss mit lustig”) – besides some good news about “One for the Money”, the first book of the series, which is being made into a movie.

Katherine Heigl, known as Izzy from Grey’s Anatomy,  is going to play the walking catastrophe and charismatic bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, filming will start in July in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the cast of sexy police man Joe Morelli and mysterious bounty-hunter-colleague Ranger are not made public yet.

I am looking forward to the movie, although in saying that I have to admit that I am also a little tiny bit afraid the movie could not turn out the way my imagination draws it in my head when I read the book.

I am afraid that Grandma Mazur might not be as crazy and interesting-looking as I imagine her. I am afraid that Ranger does not look the way I picture him. I am afraid that they might turn the movie into something that is close, but not close enough to the book. Another one of those “based on the novel by”-movies, that are usually a bit dissappointing when you know what they are supposed to be based on.

But hey – no risk, no fun! I’m still awaiting the day Stephanie Plum crashes her first car on the big screen for the first time. What was it again? A Mazda Miata? A Chevy Nova?

BIG BLUE: At some stage, there is only one solution for Steph's "car problems" - the Buick.

Worth a visit: Stephanie Plum’s CAR MEMORIAL

What are your heroines?

And what do you think? How will Stephanie look like on the big screen? Still the same as I imagine her when I read Janet’s books?

(By the way: this is no advertisement for the books, the movie or Janet Evanovich. She probably doesn’t even know this post exists.

@Janet, if you happen to read this by accident: Keep writing! You’re a great source of inspiration – and thank you for introducing Stephanie Plum, she makes me feel somewhat normal. ;)).

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