My favourite summer accessories | WEEKEND WIND UP #2

I hope you all had a good week. Mine has been quite adventurous and entertaining and I have been swimming quite a lot. For today’s WEEKEND WIND UP, I’d like to show you my favourite summer accessories:

1) First and foremost, there are my sunnies.

Inevitable. Jon Bon Jovi once said: “Never start the day without a cup of coffee, never leave the house without a pair of sun-glasses and never ever own a mini-van”. I stick to it. I need my sunnies all year round, but especially in summer.

2) Also somehow included in Mr Bon Jovi’s motto: my coffee cup.

You should have realised by now that coffee is what keeps me going.

I don’t have a blood system, I have a caffeine system, and this cup plays the important role of storing my elixir of life when I’m travelling. In the car, on the run, on holiday… in winter I have some good Irish coffee in there, but now, in summer, I put in some ice cubes and have iced coffee. Yum.

3) You can’t really leave the house without a bag, can you?

I have quite a few bags.

Partly, because there is always a moment in a girl’s life when she realises that she doesn’t have an appropriate type of bag to fit the situation/her dress/her shoes/the occasion/her other accessories. And partly, because my Mum keeps giving me bags as holiday gifts.

So I have one from Sardegna, one from Vienna, one from the Carribean… and this one is my favourite at the moment: I love the colours and the art.

4) I love walking barefoot.

Not only since I have seen the movie “Barfuss” (which I totally recommend, by the way).

But sometimes you just need shoes, even if it’s just because there is broken glass on the footpath – or simply because you live in a little town in Germany and people look at you strangely if you don’t wear shoes.

So my favourite summer shoes are Jandals and (in case it needs to be less “beachy” and more sophisticated) my flower-shoes.

5) As much as I’m addicted to coffee, there is another thing I can’t live without: music.

And my iPod goes wherever I go, bulging with great tunes.

The very first song I have heard in my life was “Don’t Cry” by Guns’N Roses, when my brother played the CD to me when I was a baby and wouldn’t stop crying.

“Don’t Cry” is still on my iPod, along with more GNR, Bon Jovi, the Stones and other great rockers.

With a litte cassette adapter, I can connect my music library with the car radio and on sunny days like these, “Summertime” blasts out of my speakers.

What are your favourite summer accessories?

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