Sushi Serenade

So who guessed it? Yesterday’s preview was a corner of a photograph of my self-made sushi! Congratulations to those who figured that one out (did anyone at all?)!

The first time I ate sushi was probably more than 10 years ago when there was “Japanese Week” at the restaurant where my brother used to work at the time. He made it, it looked cute, I tried it – and said: “Yuck”.

The second time I tried sushi must have been about two years ago when I was living in Wellington, NZ. A friend of mine made me try it (again I should say) and this time I liked it. (Well, your taste spuds seem to change over the years anyway…)

And so the other day when I was sitting outside my brother’s restaurant (you may recall: the odd family business) I noticed that the Asian girl from across the road was cooking something (some Asian food obivously).

It smelled delicious and it reminded me of New Zealand, because while I was living there I ate Asian food at least twice a week. Just out of convenience: just around the corner from wherever I was, I would be sure to find some place with cheap Asian food.

Thinking of Asian food made me think of sushi, too, and so I went home and decided to make some.

Sushi is perfect, I reckon. I love making things and sushi is somehow something crafty you can eat. And it’s healthy, too.

So grab some Nori leaves, a bowl of sushi rice and start wrapping the little wheels:

1) Make some rice:

Wash the rice with cold water before putting it into a pot. Add water and a little salt and bring to boil, then let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Let it cool down and add a mixture of water, rice vinegar, salt and sugar.

2) Cut the veggies:

Cut the raw veggies (I always use avocado and carrots) in thin strips. In a pot, bring rice vinegar, salt and sugar to boil, then add the veggies (carrots, in that case – the avocados don’t need to be cooked).

3) Start crafting:

Cut the Nori leaf in halves and put rice in a max. 0,5 cm thick layer on one half. Close to one edge, form a gap with your fingers (this is where you’ll place the veggies).

4) Fill and wrap:

I usually make two or three types of sushi. All of them are with veggies. One is veggies-only, the other one is with smoked salmon and the third is with fried chicken breast. Wrap it all up and stick it together by pouring a few drop of water on the loose end. A bamboo mat from the Asia store or super-market is good for wrapping.

5) Cut and – CUT!

That’s it. Easy as, eh?! Now go and get yourself some wasabi and soy sauce and enjoy!

Have you made sushi before? What are your favourite fillings (or would you call that stuffing, not sure…)?


6 thoughts on “Sushi Serenade

  1. @Grace
    And once again I can only repeat what I said before: if you like making things, you should try it. It is much much easier than it looks!

  2. I’ve never been brave enough to try making it, but I’m a champion sushi eater. Love it, love it, love it.

  3. @cynthia at the daily basics
    You totally should try it! As I said: I always thought it was really hard, but in fact it’s really easy! I don’t think it can go wrong at all. Good luck and let me know how it turned out!

  4. @jayme aka randomblogette
    I was always a bit afraid of making it, because I always thought things like: “Mine won’t stick together anyway and it will all be a big mess” but if you use real sushi rice it is really really easy! Have fun!

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