Pieces Of Me | WEEKEND WIND UP #3

Today, I am not exactly bursting with words, but nevertheless I have this litte page for you. Just a little bit of poetry and defining myself.

Have a creative weekend, everyone! I might sit down and do some more creative stuff myself, it’s just that I haven’t quite decided yet what I want to do: crochet? Draw? Craft? Whatever it’ll turn out to be, I promise to make sure to show you the results!

xo Sabrina xo


2 thoughts on “Pieces Of Me | WEEKEND WIND UP #3

  1. @chelseybell.
    Hey, thanks for replying so quickly – and for the tips, of course! This is the post it was meant to be in, but I guess I’ll try it next time again… 🙂
    xo Sabrina

  2. i definitely don’t think your a copy cat! i started using grooveshark because i saw it on someone else’s blog and started using it because i was tired of posting videos (even though i still do sometimes).
    i use the widget creator from grooveshark, but i copy the code straight onto the compose part of my blog instead of using the html tab. when i try to paste it into the html tab it never works, but if i just paste it at the top of my blog post, it does!–since you have wordpress it might be different. i hope that helps!

    thanks for the sweet comments about my blog!

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