Pieces Of Me | WEEKEND WIND UP #3 (II)

Blogging is not only about writing, but also about reading other people’s posts, so when I sat down a few minutes ago to quickly knock out the promised post about what sort of creative stuff I ended up doing tonight, I promised myself not to “surf” and read, but just to post and do everything else tomorrow.

It’s late (well, not that late, but you know, work tomorrow and stuff) – and sure enough, I didn’t keep my own promise. There was my RSS reader and there were new posts on the blogs I follow and my self-discipline jumped out of the window (okay, technically it’s a basement window, so it can’t really be that damaged, but you know what I mean).

What I wanted to show you was about my scrapbook and funnily enough Chelseybell over on “always learning.” just posted something on scrapbooking, too.

(You should actually read her whole post, but I just would like to quote a quote she has used there, because I found it intriguing:)

“Before blogs […] there were scrapbooks”

Funny, because I actually started my scrapbook shortly after I had started my first blog. Since I was 11 years old, I always had a diary that sometimes turned into something close to a scrapbook, though, but that doesn’t really count, I don’t think.

Anyway, it’s getting later and later and here is finally what I wanted to show you all the time:

I took some old mags, oil pastels, scissors and some glue…

… and turned it into that:

And filled two pages of my scrapbook with wonderful, inspirational, colourful and bright motives. So happy. Oh, and by the way: I really want that phone there! It looks so awesome, the phone of my dreams…

(I think sacrifying a bit of my beauty sleep was definitely worthwile, by the way, don’t you think!? So good night, sleep tight!)


2 thoughts on “Pieces Of Me | WEEKEND WIND UP #3 (II)

  1. Love scrapbooking, moodboards and even blogging is like a big grown up version of a scrapbook!!

    Hope you are having a great day, and thank you for the great Etsy shop… love Cupcakes & Mace!

    🙂 Hazel

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