Another type of Birthday Bash…

IT was my birthday about a month ago. And now I start all of a sudden to come up with ideas of things I could have put on my wishlist.

When my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday a month ago, I said: “I don’t know. I can’t think of anything. I like surprises best.”

Yeah, well, see that’s only partially true. I mean, yes, I do like surprises, but only if I like them. Same with surprise gifts. I like the surprise – if I like the surprise gift.

So I am going to post stuff I like here. As a reminder of myself for next year (which won’t work anyway, because I will remember that I have a reminder, but I will have forgotten where or what that reminder is) and also, because some of the stuff is quite neat to look at.

And hopefully, it will be some inspiration for you, as well, when you look for presents for your friends!

So here are a few things I find reeeeaaally cool:

Starting from top left:

♥ DVD: “His Girl Friday” (“Sein Mädchen für besondere Fälle”)

Cranium (boardgame)

♥ Hamster (his name would be Charlie)

The 3rd season of “The OC” (“OC California”)

♥ CD: Melissa Etheridge – “Fearless Love”

♥ Bon Jovi-Jukebox-Cup

Ghost-necklace (from Cupcakes & Mace)

Thermos (from Bertine)


Recipe book (from Bertine)

Bon Jovi Lyric Scarf

journal/diary/notebook (from Bertine)

♥ bookends (cats; from iko iko)


vintage coffee-necklace

Blokus boardgame

Vintage Ghostbusters Boardgame (we actually used to have it when I was little, but my older brothers never allowed me to play with them, because I was too young – and once I was old enough, the game was gone)


♥ Book: Nicholas Christopher – A trip to the stars

What are your favourites? Come and tell me about your favourite gifts or the stuff you’d like to be presented with and show me where to get them! {Please comment on the left sidebar}

8 thoughts on “Another type of Birthday Bash…

  1. @Hazel
    Cool, I didn’t know you lived in Wellington!
    Iko Iko seems to get a site-update at the moment, so I’m not sure if you can order online. I saw the bookends actually on their facebook page: (“The lovely things we sell”)
    I love that shop, they have such cute things and I hope they put it online for international order/delivery, too.

  2. Love the bookends they are too cool! I remember Iko Iko from when I lived in Wellington, are they online now???

    Also love the scarf… I can’t get enough of scarves at the moment!!

    I’m always one for saying, no no don’t get me presents, I don’t want any presents… which is BOLLUCKS!! I love presents and I can’t get enough of presents, and the bigger the better!!! haha

    🙂 Hazel

  3. @jayme aka randomblogette
    Ah yes, I know that situation oh too well. But most of the time, I simply don’t know what I want. Maybe it’s because I have a choice of saying what I want – and then all of a sudden I can’t think of anything. And then, weeks later the ideas come back.
    But giftcards are really a good option – unless they are from places you don’t like, so you have to specifiy where you want a giftcard from, too.

  4. I always tell people that too. I am like oh no, I don’t need anything or just get me whatever you want. What I should really say is, money is nice and so are gift cards so I can go buy what I want! LOL!

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