Viva Vespa-Land | WEEKEND WIND-UP #4

Patty Garret is back.

No, I’m not talking about the guy from the “Blaze of glory”-western-movie, even though his name was Patty Garret, too. The Patty Garret in this case is small, cute, baby-blue and absolutely adorable.

Patty Garret is my little Vespa.

I bought her when I was 16 years old (after I had saved up birthday- and pocket money for more than three years) and it was thanks to her that I gained a little bit of fame in my town. (Well, just a wee bit, but since I was the only girl with a blue Vespa in town, I was noticed fairly quickly.)

The last two years, we haven’t been driving around much. That was partly, because most of the time I spent living and studying in New Zealand, and partly because when I was actually here, Patty didn’t have a number plate and registration.

Back from New Zealand, I decided it would be best to sell her, because that would get me some money and the new owner could drive her, whereas here she would just keep sitting in the backyard and break down.

But then I changed my mind. I don’t know where I’ll be going or what I’ll be doing next, but I decided that as long as I am still in Germany (or on the European mainland) I could still drive her. And sell her only, if I go overseas again.

Anyways, for now, Patty Garret stays with me – and I stay with her.

So this morning I got myself a bucket full of water and started cleaning her. What a mission, believe me! I didn’t realise how much dust covers something that has been sitting in the backyard for almost two years.

After I spent the entire morning and half of the afternoon scrubbing and brushing and cleaning, Patty is oh so sparkly and shiny again and looks almost as bran-new as she was when I bought her five years ago and I am sooooo extremely excited!

I still can’t drive her, yet. I have to go into town and get a registration and number plate from the insurance company. Besides the engine won’t start, the lights don’t work and the brakes are stuck.

But I’ll get the nice man from the garage to have a look at it and to fix what has to be fixed, then I’ll go and get my number plate and then it’s like: Watch out, people, Patty and Sabrina are on the road again!

What are you excited about? Have you ever had a “Patty” – something you just couldn’t sell because it was so close to your heart? Tell me about it!

P.S.: Also feel free to comment on what you think about Patty. Now that she was being introduced to you, she would like to hear your thoughts, too.


6 thoughts on “Viva Vespa-Land | WEEKEND WIND-UP #4

  1. @Anna
    Unfortunately, the guy from the garage still hasn’t picked it up yet. He was supposed to come last Tuesday to pick it up, take it to the garage and fix it, but now it’s Saturday and nothing happened so far.

  2. So jealous of Patty!! I have always wanted a Vespa, but once I had my little Diva, I decided that I would have to hold off on getting one. Someday…ahhhh…someday!!

  3. @Grace
    Oh yes, I read that post about your pizza adventures on your blog the other day.

    I can imagine how you feel about turning your leased convertible… it’s just that once it’s gone there’s something missing, eh.

    But: Yay, you’re buying a replacement! That is so cool. So it will be a convertible, too, right?

  4. I love Patty. Makes me think of pizza in Naples, for some reason! And thank God you didn’t sell her!

    This may sound silly, but I have to turn in my leased convertible tomorrow, and I know I’m going to cry. It’s the first car I ever bought all by myself — I got her the month after my divorce was final, and now I’m kicking myself for leasing rather than buying.

    The good news is that I’m BUYING a replacement for her. And the new one is the same color as Patty.

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