monday morning message #5

A fairytalicious morning, everyone!

Since I heard this song for the very first time it is stuck in my head (and that is for quite a while now, believe me!) and I figured it would make a nice soundtrack to kick off this week.

This week, I have planned to write a crochet tutorial and blog about it. Also, I want to buy some fabric and sew myself a tunic. And I want to get Mum an iPod so that she can take all her audiobooks when going on vacation next weekend. Oh, and next weekend, I want to get my team into the semi-final. Go, Germany!

What are your plans for this week? Anything special? Tell me about it!

✩ Sabrina ✩


9 thoughts on “monday morning message #5

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  2. @Grace
    Oh no! Bugger! Sorry to hear this!
    It works perfectly fine here, but I noticed that sometimes these YouTube videos have like country-restrictions, just like the area codes on DVDs. Some of the videos I played on this very same computer in New Zealand won’t play anymore now that I am here in Germany. Maybe that’s why it won’t work for you.

    Try to listen on YouTube directly, maybe. (The Killers: A Dustland Fairytale).

  3. @Hazel
    I like that song, although I was quite disappointed from the video…
    Have fun doing the grown-up “wifey thing”. Hope your fiancé will get better soon. Have a good week!

  4. Love this song!! Perfect anthem for the week!! I don’t have any plans for the week, my fiance has been ill, so just doing the wifey thing… GAH how grown up!! hahaha!

    🙂 Hazel

  5. @Blond Duck
    You know a little bit spontaneity can be good sometimes. And if he doesn’t come down, you still won’t be bored, because you can do the things you wanted to do anyway. Have fun!

  6. I have tons I want to do! My problem is I don’t know if my FIL is coming down or not. If he does, all my plans will go awry!

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