Skulls & Bones & Candy | WEEKEND WIND UP #5

One of my favourite German blogs,, pointed out earlier this week that amazon is now selling groceries, food and beverages.

That is just crazy.

I decided to investigate on the matter and so while surfing on amazon and looking at all the ridiculous things they sell there, I found the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cookie cutter:

Isn’t it cool? I think it’s hilarious. Just imagine great-grand-auntie {insert name of nosy relative} invites herself to come to your place for a cup of tea and you dish up these biscuits…

I do realise that most pastry shops will not like the thought of skull-and-bones-shaped confectionery, nevertheless have I been playing with the idea of training as a confectioner with this bickie cutter being the first tool of the trade I’d buy.

Now, here is some other cool stuff I found (click pictures for source):

NESTABLE: Matryoshkas as measuring cups!

CUTE: A "Tweety"-cake tin.

YIN & YANG: Gives your desserts some good feng shui!

ROMANTIC: Heart-shaped love puzzle.

STAND BY YOUR MAN: With some tool-shaped handyman-bickies.

The following are three other things that would come in quite handy, I think (or are just cool in general): This amazing cake tin that makes your cake turn out 3D-pumpkin-shaped. How cool is that?

Then there are those silicon muffin tins (I think they might be worth a try, because you can use them again and again and don’t have to throw them out like the paper cases).

And finally that cake tin on the right. I love how it looks like a soon-to-be-in-full-bloom rose. So beautiful. I bet it makes some yummy cake!

I would love to start baking right away, but before I go, here is one random picture I found.

When I first looked at it, I thought it was an emu or a moa even, but then it occurred to me it might be a dinosaur:

FROM OUTER SPACE: Moa-Dinosaur-Goose.

Well, according to amazon, this is actually meant to be a goose. I reckon it looks like a Moa-Dinosaur-Goose-Alien from outer space, but yeah… it might just be a normal goose with weird feet, who knows.

♨ Enjoy your weekend and lovely baking, everyone! ♨

Do you like baking? What are your favourite baking tins? What is your favourite recipe?


13 thoughts on “Skulls & Bones & Candy | WEEKEND WIND UP #5

  1. I love the skull and crossbones cookie cutter! The heart puzzle cutter is so cute – think I’ll be getting that one for Valentine’s day next year! And of course the Matryoshka measuring cups are awesome too – it’s probably no surprise that I love those though! I finally found my Matryoshka doll so I’ll put a post up soon to show you what it’s like 🙂

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  4. I do not generally respond to content but I’ sure will in this case. Seriously a big thumbs up for this one!

  5. Love those cookie cutters, especially the heart puzzle. I’d probably find a way to mess them up, though, sigh, even though I love baking sometimes I’m all thumbs!

    Coming to you from Lady Bloggers….

  6. @Susie
    Hahaha, that is hilarious!!! But so true, actually. Poor bikers!

    Believe it or not – I didn’t know about all these baking gadgets either! It’s incredible what sort of stuff you can buy these days. I could have listed at least ten more, but I thought this post was already long enough…

  7. Skull and crossbones just don’t have the same scaryness anymore. Little girls wear them in pink and I think they are cute! I can’t help but feel for all those poor bikers out there trying to intimidate folks!

    I had no idea there were so many facinating cooking gadgets out there…

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