monday morning message #7

Hello and Welcome back!

Before thinking about this week’s monday message, I’d like to explain why there has been no WEEKEND WIND UP on Friday.

The past week has been quite stressful: out of five people at work, two were on holiday and two called in sick.

Which left a huge amount of work up to me.

So I left the house early in the mornings and came home late at night, usually between 1 and 2am. And not with all the will of the world I
could have possibly found the time to write blog posts or anything.

There were some tough family matters to deal with. I don’t want to go into further detail at this point, but I hope you understand that I was occupied with giving support and just wasn’t able to wrap my head around blogging (even though the week as such was really inspirational, but I’ll save my creativity up for the next few posts).

So let’s get back to the original meaning of this post.

With my nightmare the night before the semi-final match against Spain, I was right, too.

Depressing, but I dreamed Spain got a corner – and Spain did get a corner indeed and successfully turned it into a goal!

Today’s monday morning message is in relation to last week’s prophecy.

Paul, the octopus oracle, was right – twice. Spain won the match against Germany in the semi-final as well as the world cup.

The best of seers is he who guesses well.

Depressing, but I dreamed Spain got a corner – and Spain did get a corner indeed and successfully turned it into a goal!

The most depressing thing that can happen to a prophet is to be proved wrong. The next most distressing thing is to be proved right.
Aldous Huxley

Last night, Paul was proved to be right. And is now in a seriously distressed state of mind.

My fellow Germans want to make squid rings – and the Spanish government thinks about kidnapping (or octopus-napping) him to save his life.

Being an ocotpus is obviously not as chillaxing as it seems…

Have a good and relaxing week, people!

SQUID RINGS: Paul's future? (click for source)


2 thoughts on “monday morning message #7

  1. @Alexandra
    Thank you!
    I know already that this week will be a tough one, too, because at work there will be a few big challenges at the end of the week and during the weekend, but I am well prepared now, I think.

    I wish you a good week, too!

  2. I hope your week is much better.

    I had a mentally challenging week, too, and I’m glad it’s behind me.

    Those things drain me more than anything physical can…

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