Good taste (is a matter of good recipes) ❀ mini series part 1

To start with, here is something I haven’t referred to in my previous post: Brownies.

Despite the amount of additional duties I had the past week, I did some cool stuff.

I tried this new brownie recipe, for instance. And changed it, so to fit my needs and – most importantly – my fridge.

BROWNIE... and some shortbread cookies I also made. Delicious!

The original recipe required some things I did not have at home and because I did not have time to go grocery shopping first, I simply created a new recipe to suit my standards.

And it turned out really really good, so I took some pictures so that I can share it with you:

It tastes sooo good, especially when you enjoy it along with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee…

I declared this to be my favourite brownie recipe, even though I believe you can add heaps of stuff to it to give it a new flavour.

I could imagine cinnamon and gingerbread spice to turn it into a Christmas brownie variation.

Or hazelnuts to replace the almonds.

Or with a yummy icing on top.

Or coconut sprinkles.

Ahhh… there are soooo many possibilities!

If you try this recipe, let me know how it turned out and how you liked it! If you have any further suggestions, please share!

What is your favourite brownie recipe?


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