The inspirational part of the mini series ❀ | WEEKEND WIND UP #6

TODAY, I want to pass on a little bit of the inspiration I found during the last couple of weeks.

You have probably heard of PostSecret, where people send their most secretive secrets to, anonymously and as honest as a person can be – for everyone to read online.

PostSecret is a great place to find wisdom and philosophy.

People tell about how life is treating them – and unwillingly (and unaware of what they are doing) pass advice on to others.

I recently discovered a couple of other sites that are based on similar principles like PostSecret.

i can read” displays fantastic text-images, photos that have been written on, containing daily philosophy, dreams, motivational statements and mottos.

Along with “Pull the plug, but I’d like to learn your name” and “The Love Files“, it is a great source of inspiration and certainly gives you something to think about.

I could spend ages browsing through the archives of these sites, discovering more inspirational stuff my computer could ever save on its disc space.

I picked some out, so that I can share my favourite sentences with you:

You see I have a thing for Tinkerbell-Quotes (even though I found “Peter Pan” ridiculous when I was little).

You’ll find the originals on the aforementioned sites. Go and have a look, there is heaps of inspiration to be found!

With these inspirational words, I am leaving now.

You can expect some more of the current mini series (which is – in case you missed it – about all the interesting stuff I found & that happened to me while I was too busy to blog last week) to come, but the weekend will be very busy at work, so I cannot promise if there’ll be another post over the weekend or if you have to wait for the monday morning message.

For now, I wish you all a lovely and inspirational weekend!

Do you know an inspirational blog or website you would recommend? Please comment on the left tool bar!

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