The camera experience

Life throws at you what you least expect.

It has always been like that and probably always will be like that, too.

You want real-life-examples?
Okay, how about this one:

BOXING DAY: The little camera arrived in that stylish box today.

The cute little camera I ordered yesterday from amazon was delivered today. All excited as I was, I unwrapped the package, took the little white thing out and looked at it from all possible angles.

I took time to read the entire manual (okay, that is a bit over the top, because the “entire manual” was basically just two tiny pages), then grabbed some film and tried to get started.

Now, the Lomo Colorsplash is an analogue camera for lomography, so you have to use actual film (like back in the old days, you know). The last time I used such a camera, I must have been eight years old (that was when I definitely had my folks convinced that I need an own camera).

Anyhow, so I really had trouble getting that film into that camera.

And once I had it finally figured out, it still wouldn’t work.

Mum and I tried for about an hour or so, finally had the film right, but the camera wouldn’t shoot (except for one pic which must have been a lucky shot).

Okay. I see. I have to send it back. It obviously doesn’t work, so I have to send it back and get another one. Great.

So I decided that I just had to accept the fact the camera wouldn’t work – and just as I sat down to find out how and where to send it back to, I figured I could give it one more try.

I expected it not to work.

And now guess what! – It did work!

FLASH: The camera came with a cool book full of example photographs.

Seems like I finally figured out how to use it.

But now the thing with cameras like that is: not only have I wasted an entire film roll (I had to cut it to get it out after my first failed attempt to get the camera working), I also can’t be entirely sure if it worked, until I had the film developed.

Of course, there has been a ‘click’ and a bright flash, but that still doesn’t guarantee a proper picture, does it?

But I guess that’s the most exciting part about this project…

And you see: you always get what you least expect.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation when what happened was what you had least expected?

2 thoughts on “The camera experience

  1. @Kat @
    As soon as the film is full and then developed, I surely will show some of my photos here! (That is, if the film can developed, wich I’m not entirely sure, yet, because while the camera wasn’t working, we kind of openend and closed it a few times and that is usually bad for the film… but we’ll see…).

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