Ready to save the world (from boredom)

Last night was the first night off work in a few weeks time and guess what – I got bored.

So after watching the episode of The OC (yeah, judge me on that, but I just discovered some old DVDs and I had never watched The OC before, but now I’m almost addicted), where Seth decides to design his own comic book, I wanted to make a comic, too (you can also judge me on that, I can be influenced really easily by TV characters).

Now the internet is a magical place, especially when you’re looking for ways to waste your time.

I found this amazing comic-creator tool and wasted time doing this:

and that :

You see, when I did the second one, I had much more practise and chose better colours, but I think the first one is pretty cool, too. I’m sure she’ll save the world one day…

What do you do when you get bored?


9 thoughts on “Ready to save the world (from boredom)

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  2. @Tina
    Thanks for popping in! Yeah, I guess it was creative, especially because afterwards, I took out my sketch book and did some REAL drawing. 🙂 I usually don’t get bored easily, either, but sometimes it just happens…

  3. @Ashley
    You totally should, it’s really fun! And it’s kind of creative, too. And -believe it or not- it’s quite hard to find nice colour codes sometimes… Have fun!

  4. Very cool! Love the colors in both of them. I might have to try this out one day. Visiting from the Lady Bloggers. Have a wonderfully non-boring weekend.

  5. Visiting from Lady Bloggers as well. I definitely like the first one best, but they are both very cool. I’d say that’s a creative way to spend time if you get bored. I don’t often get bored, but when I do I tend to watch DVD’s of seasons of FRIENDS or LOST or Sex and the City. That usually cures me pretty quick.

  6. @Carrie
    Hey Carrie,
    thanks for coming! Yeah, the first one looks like a superhero… the second one just like a rockstar.

  7. when I get bored I eat. Not a good thing :p

    I like the first one. She looks like a kick-ass comic book hero 🙂

    Visiting from Lady Bloggers

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