Charming Weekend ahead

I’m looking forward to the weekend. It starts on Monday night.

This might sound weird, but for me it’s just normal.

My “weekend” is always on Tuesday, because that is the only day of the week when my family’s restaurant is closed and we don’t have to work.

MAMMA MIA: The "Pizza Bande" (pic:

When I was ten years old, my favourite books were those of the “Pizza Bande“, a bunch of girls and boys who would solve mysteries.

One of them, Tommy, was the son of an Italian couple who had a restaurant in Germany, and after school, the “Pizza Bande” (Tommy and his friends Milli, Walther and Schräubchen) would go to the restaurant and eat delicious minestrone, Spaghetti alla Vongole or pizza….

When I was ten years old, I thought having parents who own a restaurant must be like heaven.

Now, let me tell you: reality and books are two seperate things.

Because when I was 19, my older brother decided to open his own restaurant.

And now guess what! No one ever cooks minestrone or pizza for me and my friends – reality is that whenever I try to “pop into the restaurant to say hi“, I end up working there.

Stressful that is.

Of course, we all love the little restaurant (which is, by the way, an adorable mediaeval building), but I’m not entirely sure if this is really because we do love working until we drop dead – or simply because we happen to spend more time there than at home and therefore kind of associate it with home.

Like most restaurants, it’s the busiest during the weekends (the real weekends: Friday to Sunday) and so my brother decided to have Tuesday the day off instead.

That’s why Tuesday is my weekend. Because I get to spend the day at home, doing stuff I want to do.

And because tomorrow is Tuesday, tomorrow is my weekend, and because on weekends I sometimes like to go shopping I already make plans for shopping tomorrow.

I want to go to the mall and see if I can get some new trousers.

And theeeeeen, I really want to go to this cute jewellery shop there and get myself a bracelet.

I have been flirting with these Thomas Sabo Charmclub© bracelets for a looooong time and after a month worth of really good tip I think it’s time to get started on collecting charms.

But here is the problem: obviously, I can’t buy all charms at once. And even if I could, I didn’t want to, because my idea of a bracelet like this is to add certain charms in certain situations – when they become meaningful to me.

However, I already picked out the ones I like the most:

And now I can’t decide where to start.

They all mean something to me, as they can be connected to myself or my life… – but again: I can’t decide.

Which ones do you like best?


8 thoughts on “Charming Weekend ahead

  1. @SharleneT
    Wow, cool, that is such a sweet idea. All the charms I picked for my “wanting-to-get-one-day”-list have a meaning for me, too. Some are of rather insignificant meaning (at least it might appear to other that it’s insignificant), but to me they all have a meaning and represent a part of my life or of my personality in some kind.

  2. Hello from Lady Bloggers! Charms are making a comeback… I’ve collected them all my life, but with a purpose… whenever my husband traveled for business, he would bring me back a silver charm that represented that state and the main focus of that state; whenever I travel, I do the same and also buy a charm for the historical sites etc. I visit instead of big and bulky souvenirs… used to keep them on a special bracelet, then, two, then, under glass to exhibit… but, they are perfect for scrapbooking, as well… so much easier to carry and not worry about… come visit when you can…

    Twitter: SolarChief

  3. @Blond Duck
    Sometimes I get a second day off, depending on how busy it easy. Like last Friday (when I got bored and made some comics, *lol*)…

  4. You don’t get two days for a weekend? What a rip!

    My favorite Mexican restuarant is a little family place that’s like that–closed on Tuesdays. And my favorite steak place too, come to think of it–both small local places.

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