The Charms (How I spent my “Charming Weekend”)

Tuesday night and my “weekend” is basically over.

Wasn’t that exciting anyway.

I had been looking forward to go shopping so much, but in fact it was just a bit like fast food – shopping on the run, basically.

But I got what I wanted (well, at least in terms of the bracelet) and here is what I finally chose:

Even though my friend Jo was right with suggesting the guitar would suit me best, I just HAD to go for the little mermaid.

CHILDHOOD HEROINE: Arielle (Click picture for source)

Ever since I can remember, I have been totally crazy about Arielle.

When I was four years old, she was my heroine, I wanted to grow red hair (despite all will power, it didn’t work – my hair stayed blonde) and spend my life swimming and diving (this didn’t work either, every evening the swimming pool would close and I wasn’t allowed to stay).

And the starfish just reminds me of some real good times, great people and a project we used to call “Freshwater Starfish”.

I have a real guitar (two, actually), so the little guitar charm can wait.


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