I’d like to point out…

YOU may or may not have noticed it already: I just made some slight changes to the right sidebar.

Lucky you, my dear readers, because you are now getting even more random sh★t from me to read, as my Twitter feed is also being displayed here now.

Also, I added to awesome blogs to my list: How About Orange writes really short posts, full of creativity and cool time-wasters.

And Counting The Years is a blog I just discovered recently, but really really like already.

Honest and insightful accounts by a fresh, talented and unconventional writer, who also shows she can be self-critical. Love it!

Have a look at my “Shooting Stars” on the right, I reckon all of them are so worth a read!

That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “I’d like to point out…

  1. @Susie @ A Slice of My Life
    Took me a long time to “get” it, too. I use it to inform myself and to interact with others.
    I always thought I would never get it, until I talked to Isaac Mao, China’s first blogger, who explained to see it as a form of “micro-blogging”, one sentence instead of a whole blog post.

  2. I’m SOOOO trying to understand the whole twitter thing, but I’m not sure I “get” it yet!

    (I’m really hoping you didn’t just get that song stuck in my head, because I’m singing it right now!)

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping over at my blog. I do so love and hate Amazon at the same time. You know?

    I don’t know Counting The Years, but I’ll check it out. I just love to devour blogs filled with good writing. And How About Orange is just a feast for the eyes. I love that blog.

    Thanks again for stopping by. It was lovely to meet you.

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