monday morning message #10

The first thing is to love your sport. Never do it to please someone else. It has to be yours.
~ Peggy Fleming

Today’s monday morning message is a bit delayed – it’s more like a monday lunchtime message now, but nevermind, I have a good excuse reason for not having posted earlier.

It’s because this morning I went to the shop to buy some running shoes.

Now, I’m definitely not a sports person, but I came to the conclusion that if I had running shoes, I would actually do some running, at least sometimes.

Okay, let’s face it: at least “I can’t go jogging in high heels, because I would look ridiculous” is not an excuse anymore.

ANYWAYS – I figured a sports quote would be nice this morning.

And I promise, I will try to love sport. ^^

Have a gorgeous week, people!


2 thoughts on “monday morning message #10

  1. @Lizzie
    Hahaha, same here. I a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y don’t like running because everyone tells you how they feel so great afterwards, whereas I just feel bad afterwards. *lol*
    And I don’t like going to the gym, because there will be so many sporty people who actually enjoy doing it while I will have to force myself to do something…
    But every now and then I still feel like I need to do something, so I’ll give running another go.

  2. I’ve tried to damn hard to love sport… it’s just not happening. I’ve got to try to find the right one for me because running certainly isn’t it. I love trampolining, and I love all that gym equipment but I can’t bear to do it in an actual gym! How will this actually work?! Haha!

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