A rainy happy ending to my running adventures

Believe it or not – I did it.

And – now here are the real big and somehow shocking news – enjoyed it.

RAINY HAPPY ENDING: Four Weddings and A Funeral.

Yesterday morning, I went down to the river and took my new running shoes on their first run.

And despite all former experience, I really really enjoyed it. It started raining cats and dogs, but I didn’t even curse!

You know, it was one of these epic rainfalls that usually only happen in movies when he finally finds her and convinces her that he’s the one and then they kiss and it’s terribly romantic and the viewer always thinks: “Cute, but wouldn’t it be extremely cold out there in the rain if this movie would be real life?”

That is the kind of rain I’m talking about (and yes, it was cold).

By the time I got back, I was soaking wet to the point that I may as well could have taken my tee shirt off, because it was white and my sports bra black and you know I had to walk through the old part of our town, the part where mainly old people live who sit at their windows all day long, watching the street.

I kind of have a feeling that today my Nana might ring to ask me what I was doing out there in the rain in a white shirt.

She doesn’t live in that part of town, but I’m preeeeetty sure some of her chief sources of information for the local gossip and tittle-tattle network are operating from there.

As I write, the phone rings.

Okay, Mum is answering it, so I can stay here and tell you about my other news.

On Tuesday, I bought this lovely dress:

And this gorgeous duck:

And this is one delicious cake I made the other day: (in German it’s called “Prinzregententorte” – me and my dictionary have no clue if there is an English name for it)

It was lots of work to make the several layers, but sooo worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “A rainy happy ending to my running adventures

  1. @Hazel
    Haha, unfortunately they cake had been eated looong before the run!
    And yes, me and exercise seem not to fit into ine sentence either, but I decided to force myself to give it one more go (in case I miss out on something if I don’t exercise, because a lot of people seem to like it, so there MUST be something to it).

  2. That is fabulous that you are getting into running and exercise, exercise and me seem to sit on polar opposite sides of the universe and going for a run seems to be eternally on my to-do list! haha! I love the cake that you made it looks absolutely delicious and after your earlier run absolutely well deserved! 🙂 Hazel

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