Adventurous Exploration: Our mini road trip

IT was my Dad’s birthday yesterday and so Mum, Dad and I went for a little mini-road trip.

First, we went on the Autobahn and drove up to Jagsthausen and to Kloster Schöntal, a beautiful old monastery where we had lunch.

Then we explored the region a bit and drove just as we pleased.

We were actually looking for a nice place to get some coffee, but unfortunately we weren’t really successful.

But it was a nice trip anyway, a perfect way to spend a birthday.

In the evening, we went to a nice restaurant in Heilbronn, which is the next bigger city from where I live, and I took some more pictures:

What a nice day.

See more photos here


2 thoughts on “Adventurous Exploration: Our mini road trip

  1. @Blond Duck
    Hahaha, that is so cute! After having been away for 2 years, I found it actually pretty frightening to drive at a speed of 150 km/h or more. But now that I got used to it again, it’s just friggin’ awesome!

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