Exciting news for coffeerocketfairytale

I have some really exciting news today:

The lovely Rachel from “Diary of a Chocoholic” was looking for a guest blogger while she is on vacation – and now guess who was the first to put her little hand up?


And so as it happens, on August 24th, you will all have to jump over to Rachel’s blog and have a look there to see how I am doing. Because this is going to be my first guest post, you know. And I am sooo super-excited about it.

Rachel told me to blog about travelling and you all know that this is EXACTLY what I was born to do anyway (travelling, I mean).

I travel a lot and I love it, so writing about it will be really cool.

But that’s all I’m telling you for now, because I haven’t exactly figure out what to blog about yet otherwise, it’s no surprise anymore.

* * *

Here are some more exciting news:

For some weird reason, this little cute blog here experienced an astonishing increase in readership the other day. The stats show we gained about 80 or more readers!

Don’t get me wrong, this is great news, but… I can’t quite explain how that happened.

(The less exciting news on that behalf: by now we are back to the previous figures, but nevermind…).

* * *

That was all for the moment, but I have a feeling there are more exciting things ahead…


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