And it gets even better… my 2-in-1 adventure | WEEKEND WIND UP #10

YOU may wonder why it’s been so awfully quiet here – or maybe why I have been so awfully quiet, which is (admittedly) not common for me.

Well, following last week’s exciting news, I have some MORE exciting news for you!

Now you better sit down or hang on to something otherwise you might take the risk of getting blown off your feet!

1. I am going to London tomorrow!

2. I will look at a flat and something that might as well be my future workplace as I am about to MOVE to London!

3. …

Well, there is no “third”, actually, but good things come in triplets, so I make something up:

3. I am going to Paris, too!

Okay, that was actually not even a joke. Didn’t even make that one up, I am really going to Paris, too.

Because, Geez, have you ever tried to get a Last Minute flight from South Germany to London?

Impossible (unless you’re a millionaire or some other awfully rich person).

The best connection was via Zurich, Switzerland – with a seven-hour stopover. Hello? Seven hours? On a flight within Europe? That is ridiculous! I mean, in the same time you can almost fly over to Malaysia or something – and that means you’re halfway in Sydney!

Anyways, so I called that train-lady and she was just amazing (so much more helpful than the lady at the travel agency!).

She found a relatively cheap connection for me and so tomorrow morning at 6.54, I will hop on the TGV to Paris. And then I’ll have a short break of two hours there, during which I will have to transfer from one train station to the other, before heading off to London on the Eurostar.

I’m a bit scared of that, because my orientation is not always the best (even though I found my way around Auckland, whereas my Kiwi family didn’t) and my French is even worse.

So I’m going to two European capitals in one day – that is pretty mean, don’t you think?

I am sooo super-excited!!!

I’ll be back by the end of the week and tell you about my adventures (I haven’t got a place to stay in London, yet, but I’ll figure something out – hopefully).

Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “And it gets even better… my 2-in-1 adventure | WEEKEND WIND UP #10

  1. @Hazel
    Thanks Rachel!
    It’s completely opposite of what I had expected it to be, though. But nevertheless, after making a HUGE pro and con list, I decided to take on the challenge, take the job and move there next week. It’s a bit scary, actually, that this means I have only one week left until I’m gone…

  2. @travelingmad
    Weird things happen here, I replied to your comment before I left but now that I am back my reply is gone…
    So just in case I want to say it again: thanks for commenting and thank you so much for all the good wishes. In return, I wish you all the best for your Paris adventures!


    Completely jealous, I haven’t been to London since I was 10 and I would love to be able to just get up and go, moving there would be absolutely amazing!! I hope you have a fabulous time!

    🙂 Hazel

  4. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. You are lucky to travel to such great places all at once!

    England is one of my favorite European countries. I did a semester in Oxfordshire.
    If you still need a place to stay, check out St. David’s Hotel in Paddington. It’s affordable and about two short blocks to the tube station!

    I am moving myself. I will move to Paris in about 2 weeks!!

    Good luck with your travels!
    Bon Voyage!

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