3 days in London | WEEKEND WIND UP

FIRST of all: I‘m back.

Back from my little trip to London, back online, back on my blog.

Now, there is a lot to catch up on and a lot to tell and I think it‘s best to give you an overview first.

My highlights of this trip:

☂ the weather (You know how everyone tells you that the UK and especially London is cursed with rain all year long? Well, I think it‘s a myth. I arrived in Paris and it was pouring down so that I was not only soaking wet within minutes, but my light-brown shoes also adapted the colour of my dark-blue jeans because of the rain. In London, however, it was hot, sunny and a perfect summer‘s day!)

☂ the English shopping channel on TV (especially when one lady says to another: „Now, would you please ask Christel how she feels in this smooth, silk top?“ and the lady turned over to Christel, a… sorry, but REALLY big (and as it turns out) German pensioner asking: „Christel, wie fühlst du dich, erzähl doch mal!?“ and Chrystal says: „Toll, einfach toll!“ {For those of you who don‘t speak mine and Christel‘s mother tongue: that means she feels great!})

☂ watching The Matrix on telly (Me watching The Matrix has turned into a running gag: I have seen it so many times, but never the whole movie(s), nor the German version – I‘ve seen it in English lesson, in New Zealand and now in England, but never in Germany – except for once, when back at school my biology teacher played the scene in which it is explained what the matrix is, because she thought it would help us to understand the structure of the human DNA. Now I tell you what: it did not help. It just made things more complicated for me! – , so I still don‘t get what the fuss is all about. I just don‘t get the storyline. Never seem to be able to follow the story. Maybe that‘s because I always happen to see exactly the same scenes. Of the first movie, for example, it‘s the scene when Keanu Reeves has the choice between the blue and the red pill and decides not to make an end to the film. Of the second movie, I always happen to tune in, when he starts fighting against that guy who then turns himself into many many duplicates of his species, that Tommy Lee Jones guy. Not even sure if it‘s Tommy Lee Jones, though. Probably not. See – I don‘t even get who stars in that movie!)

☂ the tube (was not as hot as expected)
the hotel – even though it was old and expensive, it was sooo cute and the staff was lovely

☂ „Coronation Street(- after so many New Zealand mornings when people talked about what had happened at „Coro Street“ the previous night, I finally managed to see it on telly)

☂ the discovery I made
(the guy who plays Felix in „The Leading Man“ also plays some weird character in „The Matrix Reloaded“)

☂ being asked where I had that Kiwi accent from

☂ discovering these cute little shops (where they sell most of the stuff, Bertine sells)

☂ Covent Garden Market (so much to discover there!)

I am sure there are still many many more great things for me to discover.

However, you must think that all I did in London was watching TV. It may appear so to you, but I can ensure you this was not the case.

On the day of my arrival, I spend quite a bit of time looking for the hotel and finding my way around. Then I hopped on the tube and went to Camden Town to view a flat.

Next morning I went to my future employer, got – to be honest – a liiiiittle shock because of what the office looked like (a bit like an old warehouse – it would have looked good as a part of a harbour where drunk sailors and sleezy people hang out) and how slow and unpredictable the computers were. BUT the people were really nice and the work atmosphere was good – and for me that‘s the real important part. So I spend the day there doing some work.

On Wednesday, I went for a little bit of sightseeing. I took the tube from Covent Garden, where I stayed at the lovely Fielding Hotel, to Picadilly Circus. Before I even was able to have a look at the Eros statue, a man approached me, asking me to take a picture of him and his family. So I did, before wandering off towards Soho. I wandered around a bit and finally got myself the most ugly donut and some coffee that wasn‘t much better either.

In the afternoon, I went down to the Thames river to have a look at Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. Only from the outside, though, because there were so many people and the queues were so incredibly long that I just couldn’t be bothered…

And yesterday evening I finally had time to have a look around Covent Garden Market, which was a really nice ending to my little trip.
But I’ll be back soon, anyway, because I start work on August 31st!

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