Random photographs

YESTERDAY I had to indulge my passion for baking and so I picked a new recipe from Edmond‘s Cookery Book, changed it slightly to suit my purposes and made these delicious rainbow cupcakes:

I took a picture with my cellphone and when I later wanted to upload it to the computer, I found a whole bunch of other random photos on my cell phone!

Here is the random stuff I photographed in the past three months:

from top left to right:

a ladybird, the proof (in the paper) that there IS some sort of rugby being played here, delicious ostrich meat (my brother offered in his restaurant during the world cup), my brother cleaning the kitchen, my nail art and a new ring I got, a upside down sign pointing towards my town, Captain Jack Sparrow in London, a surfer on a river while parts of south Germany were flooded, “Doors for life”, the most delicious “Moccachino” sundae I ever had, a nice field, “Happy Dog Sensitive Nutrition” – Tuscany, Ireland or New Zealand-flavoured

Do you sometimes take random pictures of weird, funny or remarkable things? Tell me about it!


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