monday morning message #12

I know all about this place. You leave things here, when you come back they look the same, but they’ve changed. The opposite of the tropics, where everything looks different after you haven’t seen it for a while, but nothing’s changed. – Geza Cassiel (“A Trip to the Stars”)

In my life, I have left some places in my life – and returned to them – and almost always experienced what the first part of the quote tells: things changed without changing their looks.

Sometimes things change and you can see it. Sometimes you can’t.

The second part of the quote I can only relate to in terms of one of my best friends. While I was away for almost two years, I had hardly any contact to her and yet, when we met again, even though we both looked slightly different, she hadn’t changed at all – and neither had our relationship.

Now I’m about to leave this place again. Next Monday, I will already be in London, living in my new home, getting ready for my new job.

I will leave this place and I wonder what it will look like when I come back some day.

Last time I left, so much had changed that it was frightening to see. Relationships I thought of as the “happy ever after”-type had broken, constellations had changed – new people had entered my life without my knowing.

I am looking forward to see what happens this time. As much as I am afraid of it.

{Just a little note on the side: I will prepare a little bit of content for next week in advance, because I know it will be highly unlikely that I will have an internet connection right away, so make sure to pop in for next week’s monday morning message!}


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