SABRINA to Earth, Sabrina to Earth, hello hello?

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Yes, I‘m still alive! I just had a few… obstacles that hindered me from blogging.
First, my computer broke and I had to get it fixed.

In the meantime, I moved to England to start my new job – and was not able to take my computer with me, because it wasn‘t fixed until I left. So I had to get my mum to pick it up from the store and send it over, which took a few days as well.

But now I have a computer again and here I am!

I haven‘t been blogging for aaaaaaages (as you know), so I will first have to find back to it.

And the first thing, I unfortunately had to notice, was that the monday morning messages I had posted in advance (using the handy tool that delays posts) have not been published while I was away. Sorry about that, I must have accidently hit the wrong button or inserted the wrong date there…

Anyway, so back to business:

First, of course, I had a look at my reader, which was – quite honestly – about to explode due to so many unread new posts of the bloggers I adore.

Browsing through, I realised that pretty much EVERYONE had changed their layout. Seriously. The first three blogs have completely changed, the next ones only partially, but almost everyone had changed something.

I haven‘t. I am going to stick with what I‘ve got for the moment. There is enough change in my life already.

Tomorrow, you‘ll finally get a new, real „content“-post, I promise (and this time I won‘t post in advance, because apparently this is not working anyway), so make sure to tune-in and join me here! Looking forward to seeing you!

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