C’me on everybody, let’s twist and shout! | WEEKEND WIND UP #13


We need to celebrate! Need to? Have to! MUST!!!

In between all this hassle of getting used to my new life in London, the new job, the new people and all of that, I almost missed a reason to party: the 50th post!

Last Monday’s message was the 50th post since I had started this blog in June – and if that’s not a reason to party, what else is?

{Note: Those of you who know me in person will know that I am not a party-girl in general – but you also know that I am always up for some fun, so get the sparkling wine out – no champagne, I don’t like champagne (yes, dare me, I said it!) – put on some fancy shoes and a nice dress and come celebrate with me! And who knows, after all I might even turn into a party-person eventually…}

I already got the fireworks out, so “c’me on and let’s get together tonight/I got some money in my jeans and I really want to spend it right“, you know you make me wanna “shout/kick my heels up and shout/throw my hands up and shout/throw my head back and shout/come on Baby, say you will“.

Is there anybody out there looking for a party?

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