Something happened on the way to heaven

I woke up this morning and was in a really good mood. You know that feeling? You open your eyes and just feel happy?

I felt happy about it being Sunday today, about me being able to stay in bed as long as I wanted, about me being able to read, about life in general.

And then something happened.

I don‘t know what, but right now I am the opposite of happy, although I am not even quite able to describe how I feel. It‘s not that I am particularly sad or particularly angry or whatever else feeling would be the opposite of happiness.

It‘s more like a mix of all these emotions and I don‘t know what triggered it.

Maybe it‘s because I am in a town where I don‘t know anybody (actually in a country where I don‘t know anybody). One of my friends from home just sent me an email, telling me about her weekend. Her sister is getting engaged. I‘m far from that. My friends all had a neat night out yesterday, got to know new people and just had loads of fun. I was far from that, too.

Don‘t get me wrong, I spend a nice day yesterday: I went grocery shopping, bought some stuff for the kitchen (probably the first mixing bowl this flat has seen) and then made some biscuits, before I spent the evening watching a chick-flick on the telly. I enjoyed all of that.

However, right now I just feel… lonely – even though my flatmate is just across the corridor in the other room – and boring. Yes, that‘s what I feel: broing. Boring, because my life consists of yoga classes on Thursday night and an occassional trip to the local sports centre to do some swimming and work and that‘s pretty much it.

Oh, and we have a mouse in the flat.

Maybe my life isn‘t all that boring after all. My friends have their new acquaintances, I have a new acquiantance. Except that theirs are real people, while mine is… well, a mouse.

Let‘s see the positive side, though: I made some biscuits yesterday. So I could use the biscuits to try to catch the mouse.

I might be boring, but at least, I won‘t be bored!

Do you ever have days like this? What do you do to make yourself feel better and to lighten your mood?


2 thoughts on “Something happened on the way to heaven

  1. Are you serious? Backstage? With JBJ? Argh. Soooo jealous! Even though meeting Richie Sambora would have even topped that experience, I reckon…

  2. I love, love, love Richie Sambora. Several years ago, a friend of mine got me and my daughter backstage at a mini-concert/pep rally they did for the arena football team they owned in Philly. I got to meet Jon Bon Jovi, and I’m sad to say it was a little disappointing seeing him close up. He’s much better looking from a distance! We saw Richie, but not close up. He was about 20 yards away from us. When we walked away, I told my daughter I never want to meet Richie up close because I want to keep my fantasy.

    I hope you feel better. Some days are just that way, I think.

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