monday morning message #14

Good morning everybody!

How did you spend the weekend?

Well, I did a lot of “catching up”. I rang my family to catch up on what’s been happening back home.

I tried to continue my diary and wrote a little more since the last entry in March (yes, in March, six months ago, shocking, I know, but my diary definitely needs a lot of catching up!) and finally got around to have a proper look at my reader and catch up with all the lovely blogs I follow.

And so I came across this on

I love the ocean and I reckon this pic looks pretty cool and old-fashioned in a really stylish way, so I wanted to share it with you.

On the same site, I came across two things, that inspired me and that I also want to share with you for today’s monday morning message:

I guess you could argue over the usefulness of these messages, but then again you could aswell start arguing over the use of blogs or twitter.

I reckon, even though it is a quite unusual approach, asking people to “reblog if…” can in some ways be inspiring.

Some people might just see it as what it basically is: re-blogging. Repeating something, someone else has written.

But others could see it as a message and as a sign that positive thoughts and spirits can be transferred from one person to another. You can pass your positive attitude on to others and that’s the important part of it, don’t you think?

Well, I think sometimes we need to remind ourselves – and others – that life is beautiful! And it is indeed, isn’t it?

My life is beautiful, because I have the chance to work with friendly people and live in an exciting town, talk to my family and friends back home as many times as I like, cook fabulous dinners with my flatmates, read books that motivate me and listen to music that inspires me. I am healthy and fit, I like the way I look and the kind of person I am and I love the fact that I am creative, so that I hardly ever get bored.

My life is beautiful – how is yours?


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