“Buried” made me go completely mental

OKAY, it’s proven now: I’m completely mad. (Lucky, my flatmate is a psychiatrist, so at least I don’t have to worry about getting any therapy).

No, this is not a joke, I am absolutely serious here.

{click for source}

So at work (celebrity news – which certainly can drive you mad!) this story came up today: an interview with Ryan Reynolds who spoke about his new movie “Buried” and the claustrophobic fear he felt when shooting it.

And I am so sure, like 100% certain, that I had written a story on this a few days ago.

Pretty much the same thing: a story about how scary it was being stuck in a coffin for hours and hours of the shooting.

Obviously you don’t want to do a story twice, so my colleague and I typed in all search terms we could come up with in the search engine bar of our content management system. Nothing.

I looked through all the websites of our clients if they had my story there.

Again: nothing.

I googled all possible search terms including Ryan Reynolds, coffins, Buried, six feet under, Irak, actor, interview, fear, claustrophobic, panic, box. Same in German, too. And yet: nothing.

Ages and ages I spent looking for that story and came up with nothing.

I do realise that when you daily write about that actress being pregnant, that actor embracing fatherhood, that director being nasty to his crew… at some stage you find yourself thinking: “Hang on, didn’t we do the same story on Lily Allen’s pregnancy yesterday?”, before you realise: “Oh, that’s right, yesterday it was about her being frightened for the first three months, today it’s about what she said she is hoping for to happen in the next three months.”

You get that kind of déjà-vu often, even regularly, actually. But, as my colleague reassured me, that is just normal.

Yeah, okay, I had that before and I did realise that it was just me mixing things up, because most of the stories we do are so similar (except they are about other stars each time).

But today it was different. I could literally see the page in front of me where I had my sources from. The actual document on the screen. I was able to remember what the layout of the text looked like that I had to translate into German.

{click for source}

All I didn’t know was, where the text had been from – and where my translation had gone.

So am I now completely mental? Persuading myself that I had done this before even though, in fact, I hadn’t?

One of my colleagues put it nicely. With a smile on his face he said straight away: “You’ve dreamed about it.” (By the way, that wasn’t a question. It was a statement. I had a dream.)

The other one was less sensitive and simply said: “Imagination. You made it up, persuaded yourself you had done it.”

So had I?

I really don’t know. For the rest of the day I managed more or less to push the whole thing to the back of my mind, but there is still that little devil sitting in my ear, singing: “You’re going crazy, you’re going crazy…”

And – even though this is now really imagined – this devil has quite an evil laugh, let me tell you…

However, I try to see the positive aspect to it: Ryan Reynolds and myself totally have something in common: “Buried” made us both freak out…

What about you? Do you have a weird work-story to share? Something completely inexplicable that happened to you or one of your colleagues? Something that makes no sense at all and left you feel wondering if there had been spirits beyond nature at work?


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