I ♥ Sugar | WEEKEND WIND UP #14

Can you imagine a person who has made only one cake in her entire lifetime?

I can‘t – even though I know one.

My flatmate is in her fifties and has never done any kind of baking except for once, when she made a cake.

And a friend of mine prefers cooking over baking, because it allows her to change the recipe during the entire process whereas with baking she needs to get it right before the cake is in the oven.

Shocking. I find that really shocking, as I bake quite a lot. I guess my average would be twice a week.

No wonder when I moved in there wasn‘t even a mixing bowl in this flat‘s kitchen.
So yesterday, I went shopping and got myself this cute little recipe book. It‘s full of great recipes and I have already tried the chocolate cheese-cake brownies. Yum.

Then I went straight on the computer to order some more baking equipment: a beautiful set of baking tins and some cupcake cases. I think the set might even arrive tomorrow already and I am super-excited!

What about you? Do you like baking? Or do you prefer cooking? Or do you deteste both and just get other people to do it for you?


4 thoughts on “I ♥ Sugar | WEEKEND WIND UP #14

  1. @Zahara
    I think you are so totaly right. Supermarket-baking just sucks. It’s just not authentic and doesn’t taste like it, either. The only time I every was grateful for a supermarket-cake was when I lived in New Zealand (where they have a totally different style of baking in comparison with the German style of baking) and my mum sent me one of these supermarket-cakes, because she wasn’t able to send me a self-made cake because off custom restrictions and stuff…

  2. I like to bake. Cooking is OK, baking is the best. It is so hard to find homemade-from-scratch fresh baked goodies. Supermarket bakeries do not turn me on, with all their crappy artificial ingredients. I wanna know what’s in the food I eat. Usually.
    The two bakeries nearest my house are just so-so. So it’s up to me. Baking for friends is the best, I’ve been baking and decorating cakes (birthdays, weddings) since I was 18, and that was a long time ago. Love to make cookies, pies, cakes and scones.

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