I’ve got a feeling… that this autumnis gonna be a good one!

A cold wind is blowing through the streets of London, yellow and red leaves are falling to the ground and on my way to work I have to zig-zag to avoid walking right through little paddles… yes, it’s autumn again.

I am super-excited because this is going to be the first full autumn for me in aaaaaages.

Actually, the first since 2008, because I kind of managed to relocate from the northern to the southern hemisphere during summer – so I was always in that part of the world where summer was.

Subsequently, I missed out on that amazing winter last year, when even the UK had weeks and weeks of snow. (It was doomed to happen, because Europe always gets nice winters with lots of snow – when I’m not there at the time).

So looking forward to my first autumn and winter in such a long time, I really appreciate everything about this time of the year, even the weather capers.

I made a little list of what I like most about this time of the year and maybe you want to add one or two things yourself?

And before you type away now and get all excited about telling me your favourite things about this time of the year, here is my favourite October-song. Sad, romantic and so beautiful…



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