♨ Koffeinkick: Espressomafia ♨

Everyone who kind of vaguely became acquainted with me, knows that I am absolutely obsessed with coffee.

The smell, the colour, the flavour, the cup that holds it, the machine that makes it, the person who brews it.

My facebook seems to know that, too, and obviously developed a mind of it’s own and figured to give me some coffee tips.

See what facebooks so-called “Espressomafia” came up with:

Besides coffee, there is another thing I really like and that is Bluntcards.

Bluntcards are awesome. Sarcastic, funny, straight up.

One of my favourite coffee-related bluntcards is this one here:

And finally, here is a picture I found either on i can read or a similar site.

Unfortunately, I cannot quite remember, so if this picture is from you, please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due. (Also, if you happen to be the barista who made this coffee and wrote this lovely message, let me know, because in that case, credit is also due!)


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