Crochet Craziness III – New members of the family | WEEKEND WIND UP #16

Just something I’d like to show you before we all start off into a fabulous weekend…

I was quite busy the past few weeks and tadadadaaaaaaaaa… made these two fellas:

Aren’t they absolutely adorable? I absolutely enjoy making little amigurumi and studying new crochet patterns while watching TV…

These two were made while watching an epic James Bond movie on telly.

I took the blue/white one to work and put it next to my computer, because I find that an office is an appropriate place for a robot to be. 

The other one still sits on top of my pile of books in my bedroom, but I am going to find him a proper place soon, too.

Also, I would like to mention (in all modesty) that my skills have hugely improved! Just the same principle over and over again, the rule of life: learning by doing.


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