monday morning message #18

This week’s monday morning message is a little tiny bit delayed, because I was busy… busy imagining I was in Yerevan.

Heck, I don’t even have a clue where exactly Yerevan is, but I definitely know that it is the place I wanted to be.


{click for source}


Well, you obviously haven’t watched the news lately, have you?

Let me tell you: Yerevan ist the place where the world’s biggest chocolate tasting is being held!

It’s where a company made the world’s largest chocolate bar:

{click for source}


It took them four days to turn a huge amount of cocoa beans and 3000kg of powdered sugar (and some other stuff, I guess) into a bit more than 4 kilos of pure seduction.

Read here more.

Can’t… type… anymore… thought… of… world’s… largest… choc… bar… is… toooooo… tempting…


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