Special Saturday | WEEKEND WIND UP #17

Do you know that feeling when you are really tired and know you should really go to sleep now, but you can’t because you are too excited?

That’s what I feel like at the moment, as too many exciting things happened today all at once.

My reasons for excitement:

1) Cupcakes.

I tried this new recipe (once again, modified it to meet my needs) and it just turned out soooo perfect!

2) This facebook status update:

…which then turned into this…


{click to visit the artist's website}


… and this…

A ticket to see Bruce Springsteen’s movie “The Promise”! Excited much? Oh, hell, yes!

And last, but not least:

3) The latest additions to my iTunes library:

What do you get excited about? And what was the last time you couldn’t go to sleep because you were too excited about something?

One thought on “Special Saturday | WEEKEND WIND UP #17

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