It’s been awfully quiet here this week, but I had a lot of work to do and caught a cold, so I spent the last two and a half days in bed.

Last week was quite busy at work – and that was Charlie Sheen’s fault.

Honestly, he trashed that hotel room and then I get to deal with all the sh** afterward, because I am the journalist who has to report what happened next. And pretty much every ten minutes a new aspect to the story emerged and… well… let’s just say: Charlie Sheen kept the showbiz journos all over the world pretty much occupied all week.

Anyway – I’m only a little bit more than two hours away from National Novel Writing Month, in which I am going to participate this year, so chances are that not a lot of my writing output will go into this blog here.

But in the meantime, you can head over to my other blog (which I originally started for friends and family so that they knew what I was up to at the other end of the world) and have a little read there. You will notice that the first bit is always in German, but that blog is actually bilingual, so if you scroll further down, you will find the English version. Have fun!

The blog posts are fairly long and narrative over there, which is why I only post fortnightly – I only updated it today and over there you can exclusively read, what happened at the movies on Fridays.

You will not believe it! – Remember how I got all excited about getting myself a ticket for the London screening of “The Promise”? Well – the actual event was a billion times more exciting…

Because… I SAW BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. Like, for real. The real guy. THE BOSS HIMSELF.

Crappy picture I took, but oh my God, were my legs shaking!

As I said, there is more detail about it over on AOTEAROABLOG, but before you all head off, I just want to say:

Because of NaNoWriMo, I won’t be able to tell if I can manage to update this blog regularly, but please keep checking (or easier: add coffeerocketfairytale to your reader or/and subscribe via email to get updates – just over on the side bar!) and keep coming back, there might be less action, but there will definitely be something happening.

Also, if anyone has a clue what my story for NaNoWriMo should be about, get in touch with me asap, as I don’t have a clue what to write about (other than my experiences with my crazy flatmates of past and present).

P.S.: There will be a monday morning message tomorrow, so tune in!

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