NaNoWriMo: Are you loosing the plot?

There are only ten days left for anyone who is participating in NaNoWriMo this year to write 50.000 words, so I thought I’d put together some helpful links for everyone, who is losing the plot, literally.

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Here are some NaNoWriMo links I can recommend:

✍ Writing advice on Terribleminds

✍ NaNoWriMo Tipps for Success on Suite101

✍ Some thoughts and tips for your story from The Nighttime Novelist

There are also some great links on Twitter:

NaNoWordSprints – encourage you to write and help with little challenges, in case you get stuck with your plot (something like: “10-minute sprint starts NOW! Optional dare: include an octopus in your next scene!”)

wordsprints is similar to NaNoWordSprints

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Writers&Poets – Information for creative writers

FakeNaNoWriMoTips – ironical, but very entertaining comments and tips for writers. Don’t take them too seriously, though. (Example: “If you get stuck, have an elf show up. This works no matter your setting or genre”)

And last and least (because it is not helpful anymore at this point, because you should already have started figuring out your plot) – but highly entertaining:

A list of 100 bad NaNoWriMo ideas


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