❆ Christmas Parade ❆

Rudolf... in Covent Garden

NaNoWriMo is over and everything is back to normal here.

I mean, yes, I have to admit, I had to continue writing tonight after I got home from work. I just had that itching to type and write and create, yo know!?

It’s probably the aftermath of the last 30 days. And also, even though I reached the magical 50k mark, my novel still hasn’t come to an end, so I will have to continue writing for a while… but over here, everything will be just normal.

So, I figured: it’s only four weeks till Christmas! Yay!

I am so super-excited, so I figured to browse four of my favourite websites – Dream in Plastic, fredflare, Shanalogic and Bertine – and collect gift ideas. And here is what I found: {click into the picture to enlarge!}

There are lots of great things around and presents and gifts don’t always have to be expensive.

Within this collection of items, there can be found something for anybody, really: the little sister, the cool older brother, the funky mum, the pasta-loving dad…

Click the following two pictures to enlarge them and to see which gifts match what personality!

Did I miss something? Did you spot a really cool gift idea which is not on here? Let me know!


What do you give your family and friends for Christmas?


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