The magic of icicles | WEEKEND WIND UP#19

It’s freezing, I’m on the edge of catching my next cold, the streets are slippery and the footpaths are icy and every morning thousands of people have to worry if the tube will be cancelled because of ice on the tracks – I just love it.

Many people don’t understand what I love about winter, but having had literally six summers in a row makes me embrace the cold season with all its ups and downs.

Snow – is there anything more magical than snow?


You go to bed and the world is just normal – and when you wake up, it’s a totally different world outside, where everything is white and shiny, trees sparkle and snowflakes fall silently from the sky.

The world seems peaceful and quiet all of a sudden and I walk through town with a big smile on my face.



Some of my friends say I’m crazy, because I love winter.

They complain about being cold, the tube running late, the overground trains being cancelled and the wind being frosty.

I agree. All of that is annoying.

But when I see pictures like these, I’m just so grateful that I am able to witness magic like this instead of having to bear rain and wind and a humid sort of coldness which is much worse in my opinion.


POLAR BEAR: {click for source}

What do you think of winter? Do you like it or do you hate cold temperatures as much as some of my friends?

Please share your thoughts – and if you’re still not sure what you should think about the snow, have a look at this:

I found this picture via Twitter. What a cute idea, don’t you think!?


THE SNOWBEAR! {click for source}


7 thoughts on “The magic of icicles | WEEKEND WIND UP#19

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  2. Ooohhh… that’s gonna be cold for you!
    I am going to fly home to Germany on Christmas Eve and as much I hope for a white Christmas – I really don’t want to be stuck in Heathrow.

  3. Well, our snow has melted now. 😦 but we’re due for another cold spell. Maybe more snow to come! Only one problem… I need to visit family 130 miles away before Christmas and I sleep ion my camper. Brrr.

  4. @Brandy
    Thanks for stepping by, Mandy!
    I think I am just so crazy about snow at the moment because I have had five summers in a row because I was bouncing back and forth between Germany and New Zealand for a while. But once I’ve had a few weeks of snow chaos and delays and stuff, I will stop being so crazy about it. But for now, I still love it!

  5. Hi – I am visiting form the lady bloggers society. I love this pictures in this post. They do make Winter seem gorgeous and magical although I am not a fan of the season. I love in Salt Lake City, UT (states) and we have some snow filled Winters for sure! I will say that it is beautiful here when it covers the mountains. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.


  6. @chriscaff
    Thanks for commenting! Apart from the French guy around the corner at Bean About Town where I get my coffee in the mornings, you must be the only person in the whole UK who actually shares my passion for snow! Everyone else just seems to be complaining about the winter weather… 🙂

  7. As we’re having the coldest spell in decades in the UK and it looks gorgeous, I have to say I love the snow! It will be gone soon and then we’re back to a dreary, overcast sky and short days, long nights. I prefer to be warm, though, so I can’t wait for the longer days of spring!

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