Once they manage to find a way to get a proper tattoo without the hot-needle-bit, I will get myself inked.

I could get myself a tattoo anytime now, really, because since my birthday (in May) I have something like a “voucher” to get a tattoo done.

It was my brother’s gift for me and originally, we wanted to get it done together, as a brother-sister-thing, but then his girlfriend got in the way and he got a tattoo with her and then they split and the bottom line is: he has a tattoo and I am still afraid of needles.

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Anyway – I still think about getting one done eventually (you know, once I actually manage to pull myself together) but until I find the courage to expose myself to a mean needle and a heavily tattooed, bold msucleman, I just keep looking at nice pictures of tattoos.

What about you? What do you think of tattoos?

Do you have a tattoo? Would you contemplate getting one done?


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