Koffeinkick: The WikiLeaks Game (or: How to put Obama to sleep)

So Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are all over the news these days.

You switch on the telly – there he is.

You step into your local news agent – there’s headlines promising the latest news about his time behind bars, the organisation‘s new competitor or you see pictures of the man who is being loved and hated equally.

Yesterday, Assange has been nominated “Rockstar of the Year” by the Italian issue of the “Rolling Stone” magazine.

Today, there’s yet a new link between the whistleblower and pop culture: the WikiLeaks video game.

I don’t want to spark a political discussion here (although if you have an opinion, you’d like to share, you’re most welcome to do so) – but what do you think?

When I heard about it, I thought I’d be something along the lines of a proper video game, where you have a character whom you have to guide from level to level.

Sounds exciting?

Well… sorry to disappoint, but this is not a proper James-Bond-style fictional game in the manner of “The DaVinci Code”… it’s a hilarious idea, but in fact, there’s only one character and the president of the US and all you’ve got to do is to wait until Obama goes to sleep – and then you can help yourself to secret files from his computer.
Want to give it a try? Click here


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