Christmas is upon us!

So it this is Christmas…

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Well, not quite yet, but we are getting there and if the next 72 hours of my life go according to plan, I will hardly find any time to blog, so I would like to provide some festive mood in advance.

At the moment, I’m still stuck in London and unsure whether I will actually be spending Christmas with my family in Germany, because there is still chaos on Heathrow airport.

Due to the heavy snow falls at the beginning of this week, many people were stranded here, but while all the other airports seemed to have coped with the challenge relatively easy, Heathrow still is a bit behind – and of course I decided to fly from there when I booked my Christmas Eve-flight in October.

But anyway, I still hope I will get out of here and arrive on time, as in Germany, Christmas is being celebrated on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, so I would be gutted if I’d be stuck in London all by myself while my family is celebrating at home.

I haven’t spent the last two Christmases at home (New Zealand, New Zealand), so it would be quite a big deal for me if I wouldn’t make it home although this time I’m so much closer geograhically.

May you all have a happy Christmas and a lovely time with your families!

I hope you all enjoy the festive season and if you have a little time, I would be delighted if you’d share your happiest Christmas memories, the most memorable incidents or whatever pops to your mind when you think of Christmas!

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