White wonders

Today is a very special day. Do you want to know why? Let me give you a hint:

{click for source}


You don’t have a clue yet? Maybe the next picture will give you an idea…

{click for source}


No, it’s not about old-fashioned people and penguins! Think harder!

{source: weheartit.com - please let me know if this pic is from you, so that I can give credit where credit is due!}


Okay… let’s solve this riddle! Today is all about these little fellas:

{source: weheartit.com - please let me know if this pic is from you, so that I can give credit where credit is due!}


It’s the World Day of Snowman! I only just found out yesterday that something like this actually really exists: a day to celebrate the snowman!

Now this project seems pretty German to me (look at the sentence structure “Worldday of Snowman” – something like that can only be written by a German, believe me, I know what I’m talking about!), but although I should probably know best, I have to admit that I’m only just exploring the whole idea behind the Worldday of Snowman and the concept.

Plus, I’m learning heaps about snowmen in general.

Look what wicked Wikipedia has to say about the history of snowmen (take particularly care of the very first sentence!):

I am a bit disappointed though that although it mentions all sorts of snowmen, there’s not reference to snowwomen. And we know they exist! I know anyway.

You don’t believe me? Well, then how do you explain this?

{click for source}


This is sooo totally “Notting Hill“, the very last scene, when they have finally found each other and Hugh Grant sits on that bench in this little hidden park in Notting Hill and Julia Roberts is half lying, half sitting, and very pregnant… and they live happily every after…

Anyway, once you get started, this world of snowmen and women and ice sculptures and stuff is quite fascinating, I have to say.

Another example?


One day I seriously will go to Alaska just to see that snowman!

I guess now that I’ve started on that topic, I could go on for ages… did you ever realise that most snowmen in history or art or literature are kind of evil?

King Arktos, the antagonist who makes Tabaluga‘s life harder, for instance…

Anyways, as I said: I could go on for ages, but instead, I want to come to an end and would like to hear (or read actually) your thoughts. What do you think about the World Day of Snowman and Snowzilla? What do you think about snowmen in general? Is there lots of love or pure hate?

And to call it quits, here is a picture of the last snowman I encountered:


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