Back in the day…

Do you remember these little fellas?

When I was little, my oldest brother – who is eleven years older than me – got his first PC. And soon after, some games followed, including this one: The Lemmings.

It came out two years after I was born and I am pretty sure that my brother bought it around that time, so when I could just about sit upright, I would sit on a chair next to him and watch him play.

I was crazy about this game and could watch it for hours, clap my little hands and shout out: “The lemmings are coming, the lemmings are coming!”

Ahhh… the early nineties were amazing. Music and style of clothing was weird, but I was too little to worry about that, but the arcade games were cool. Tetris, Pac Man, Monkey Island.

MONKEY ISLAND: So you wanna be a pirate? (source:

Sometimes I wish I could bring back those days and just sit there, watch my brother making hundreds of little green-haired lemmings shoveling their way through a giant mountain or cutting through a pile of wood. Back then, this was a huge development.

Today, things are different. What’s new and considered a great step in technology is already old-fashioned tomorrow.

How do you remember that time? What do you think of when you think about the 90s?




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