Photo Editing: Model Photographs

I finally started to use my camera a little more often again and apart from taking pictures I also explored new ways of developing and editing them.

I have known about this tiltshift maker tool for a while now but I only just tried it and I love it!

It allows you to manipulate your digital photos to make them look like model photographs.

I guess you can still make some better pictures out of those, but for a first try I think they’re not too bad.

If you don’t have any suitable photos at the moment, there are some examples on the page which you can use for having a first play with the tool.

Also, there is a Flickr group, where there is lots to discover. It’s amazing as there are so many pictures of real places turned into miniture worlds… Go and check it out!

Have you tried any “unusual” effects on your pictures? Feel free to link to them, if you would like to!

4 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Model Photographs

  1. Thanks Heather, nice to meet you! The best thing about this tool is actually that you don’t need any fancy equipment at all! Technically, you don’t even need a camera. Just a picture to upload and to play with. So easy!

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