THE BIG LIST… [people who inspire(d) me]

Is there a girl who doesn’t enjoy making lists? Like pro-and-con-lists, shopping lists, lists of favourite things, lists of hated things, lists of nice things, lists of ugly things… I very much doubt there is such a person.

I love making lists anyway.

And here is the perfect blog that exists by simply blogging my passion: the art of list making!

The Secret Society of List Addicts really shows you one major thing: there can be a list for anything!

Every time, I read that blog, I feel like making a list of something really badly.

Now – I do realise this seems totally off-topic first, but believe me, there is a point to this whole story – another blog I quite enjoy reading is Obdurate Opinions.

It’s very subjective and sometimes quite depressing, but in a good way.

The writer – believe me, I know – is not some messed-up emo kid (although she probably would say she used to be such emo kid and you might think that when you encounter her writing for the first time – but she’s far from that, she’s amazing), but a person with views on pretty much everything; she likes to discuss things because by discussing things, you quite often get a new view on some topics and she enjoys that.

A little while ago, she blogged about a person who influenced and inspired her – now I was thinking about all the people that have inspired me in my life so far and I just can’t decide on one single person to write about, so I decided to make a list here and now (see, told you there was a point to it!).

So in no particular order, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the people who have inspired me and still do, every single day of my life:

  • Jon Bon Joviyes, I talk about him all the time, but he really did inspire me, because he always tells everyone to do what he did when he was a nobody: to follow your dreams and never give up. He never has and if you take his advice seriously, you never will, either.
  • my former journalism tutoreven though he worked at a gossip mag, he got into serious journalism in the end and pursued a great career – now, that’s something to admire, isn’t it!? (Especially when you’re like me working for a company which supplies gossip mags with gossip)
  • Lorelai Gilmorenot a real person, I’m aware of that. But her knowledge of pop-culture is simply amazing and so is her wit and ability to always do what she wants without being considered a rebel, although she is. Does that make sense? (To me it does anyway.)
  • Chuck Klostermanspeaking of pop-culture. That man has a grounded understanding of the whole of the music history and could tell you every single little detail about it, if you asked for it. Amazing.
  • Jon Stephenson and Jim MacMillantwo great reporters who inspired me to get a new view on reporting. Since I met them, I realised that if I should ever have the choice between reporting on war and not reporting on war – I’ll be reporting on war, because there are so many crazy, horrible things going on while no one in our little bubble, who is save and sound, doesn’t have a friggin’ clue about what’s going on – but the rest of the world needs to know!

    KEITH RICHARDS (pic found on

  • Keith Richards (or the ghostwriter of his bio) – the way he writes is too damn hilarious. I want to be able to write like that, in a way as if he is sitting just right next to you, telling you his story!
  • the girl who writes has Obdurate Opinions most of the time she says what she thinks without worrying about the consequences (at least so it seems). Very admireable, especially to someone like me who always worries about every single little word. She has a big heart and even though she can be very stubborn at times, she accepts reasonable arguments in a conversation and is never mad at others (not for long anyway).
  • my little sister – she actually isn’t really my sister, not biologically, anyway, but I consider her family and even call her my little sister, so let’s just… well, call her my little sister. She knows so much and is in some ways so much wiser than myself. She can give you a piece on advice for almost any situation you might find yourself in. So blessed to have her.

There are more people who inspire me every day, but this list would probably never come to an end if I’d name them all.

So here’s to all of those who give me ideas, inspiration, help and hope everyday! Cheers!


6 thoughts on “THE BIG LIST… [people who inspire(d) me]

  1. @Varelai: I say thanks and you say thanks and then I say thanks again and then you… – it’s going to be an endless circle of saying thank you to each other all the time, but nevertheless: thank you so much! Just as I make you smile by commenting on your blog, your comment made me smile today. And I really needed it as I was having a really shitty day at work and did not feel very appreciated at all. But your nice words absolutely cheered me up and made me believe that there are still people around who appreciate me being who I am. ♥

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words. You’re right, I never worry about the consequences of the things I say, which often gets me in trouble. There have been a few blog posts in my time that have gotten me in trouble with friends and that had to be deleted to prevent them causing future problems. But I believe it is easier in this life to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission so my blog posts do just that. I don’t care about what people think until I get in trouble.
    The blog post about inspirational people was just about one person but many people inspire me also and you’re one of them. You came to our country from a land far away and was able to make a new life here, something I don’t think I could ever do and for that, we award you with the title of honourary New Zealander because you really do fit in with us now.
    Thank you for always commenting on my blog, it brightens my day every time =D

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