Not much time, just a quick shopping tipp…

I love fredflare (they sell like the cutest things ever!) and now I just discovered something that makes fredflare even cooler!

Look at that:

Isn’t he cute?

Looks like a key-ring, but this little fella is actually  much more than that!

As a headphone splitter, it’s his duty to make sure you and your friend can listen to the same music coming out of the very same jukebox (iPod/mp3-player/discman/walkman/radio/everything else you can plug headphones in) at the very same time!

Cu-huuuute! Unfortunately, I don’t really need a headphone splitter so often, these days – but I still want one!


2 thoughts on “RoboMusic

  1. @classycareergirl: And he serves a purpose! So many times things either are cute OR serve a purpose… it’s nice to find something that’s 2 in 1.

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